Sponsor a child and help improve lives

Adam in Malawi

Adam in Malawi - Credit: Archant

Anti-poverty charity, ActionAid, has launched an appeal for a new sponsor to step forward to make a five year old boy from Malawi the child of Ely this Christmas.

By reaching out to sponsor the child of Ely, residents can help provide a brighter future for a young person and their community in one of the world’s poorest countries.

Adam lives in Malawi where more than half of the population live on less than £1 a day. Communities depend on farming but failing crops have left many struggling to earn a living.

In Malawi, ActionAid helps by providing the basics of food, water and healthcare as well as agricultural support to farming families.

Through child sponsorship the charity has also helped build schools.

Jane Moyo of ActionAid said: “For just £15 a month, child sponsorship through ActionAid can help bring about real, long-term change.

“You’ll get two letters a year from the child you sponsor, and updates from the country to tell you how the money you donate is changing lives.” For more information or to sponsor a child directly visit www.actionaid.org.uk/city