Soham students’ flags are due to be flown at the South Pole

Climate change presentation Soham

Climate change presentation Soham - Credit: Archant

Art work by Soham students is set to be displayed in a south pole research hub after the geography department forged links with scientists.

Climate change presentation Soham

Climate change presentation Soham - Credit: Archant

Students from Soham Village College enjoyed a climate change talk by two Antarctica specialists, one of whom spent five of the last nine years working on the research project in the south pole.

Ali Massey, has worked prolifically in the south pole, including a two and a half year stint with no breaks to return to the UK.

She was joined by phd student Jenny Turton, both associated with the Scott Polar Institute in Cambridge.

Head of geography Fran Wade said: “We have been doing a project about Antarctica and about its future so we set up a question and information session with experts from the museum in Cambridge.

“The future of Antarctica in unclear and it is important to learn why and what can be done to protect it.

“Students have been invited to design flags which can be laminated and hung in the research centre at the south pole.”

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Taking part in the event were year eight pupils.

It is hoped the Antarctic talk can become a regular feature of geography classes at the college.

The Scott Polar Research Institute was established in 1920 as part of the University of Cambridge and is a centre of excellence in the study of the Arctic and Antarctic.

The Institute houses a Polar library, extensive archival, photographic and object collections of international importance on the history of polar exploration, and a Polar Museum with displays of both the history and contemporary significance of the Arctic and Antarctic and their surrounding seas.