Soham pet shop helps out animals in need this Christmas with annual pet food bank

Scampers pet shop in Soham attempt to stop animals going hungry this Christmas with pet food bank.

Scampers pet shop in Soham attempt to stop animals going hungry this Christmas with pet food bank. - Credit: Archant

Scampers in Soham are attempting to stop animals going hungry this Christmas with what is possibly Cambridgeshire’s first ever pet food bank.

The shop has been running the ‘Scampers Pet Food Bank’ as part of the Soham Food Bank Programme for many years.

The Soham Food Bank opened on July 11 2013. It’s open to voucher holders every Thursday morning for 1 hour at the Salvation Army premises.

Caroline Bosworth of Soham Food Bank said: “We’ve set up food collection points at Scampers (pet food only), Budgens and the Co-op in Soham plus Burwell, Fordham and Isleham churches.

“We have great plans to move and develop the Food Bank, including possibly opening for a second session each week and hopefully increasing the number of voucher issuing agencies so we can reach single adults as well as families with children.”

A Scampers spokesman said: “After swapping a couple of tweets with Caroline Bosworth, from Soham Food Bank, we decided we should get involved.

“Our thought was, what about the animals? How do families and individuals who are having a tough time of it, find the money to feed their pets?”

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“I think most of the people we know who love their dogs and cats would probably go without themselves rather than see their pets suffer. So, we decided to do something to help.”

Every week customers bring in donations so that pet food that otherwise might go to waste can go to animals in need.

The spokesman added: “With your support and that of all our suppliers we’ve been able to help many pets in Soham and the surrounding area.

“We have recently revamped our food bin with the help of local reuse artist Ruth Marley, who is inspired to teach pet owners about reducing their carbon paw print.

“When Ruth saw our in-store Food Bank for pets, she kindly volunteered to make us a new Food Bank made entirely out of business waste.

If you’d also like to make a donation to the Scampers Pet Food Bank just bring your donations in store.

Scampers Pet Store is located on the A142 Soham By Pass, between Ely and Newmarket and only 15 miles from Cambridge.