Litter pick group in Soham attracts hundreds who want to spruce up their community

Lucy Alda with one of her supporters from the Love Where You Live Soham campaign

Lucy Alda with one of her supporters from the Love Where You Live Soham campaign - Credit: uVoyfUnqiVnH8svJJBoAoYLbZ0iusCOqaQgNdH1jr9a/uG8oDkQVuyvpqB78G/yc4oQy1OHFDmJW34OZUZYzQQ==

A mother-of-three’s idea to take pride in her community has now turned into a mission to clean up Soham – with more than 300 people joining a litter pick group.

Lucy Alda was out with her seven-year-old daughter, Ebony, one afternoon when they noticed lots of litter in the local area.

They started to pick it up but soon realised that the more help they could get the better.

So Lucy set up a Facebook page called ‘Love Where You Live’ – to an incredible response.

The 39-year-old explained: “It was just something I decided to try and put the message out there and then I got this massive response and lots of people wanted to help out.

“We started off borrowing equipment and then I decided to try to raise the money to buy my own so I set up a Go Fund Me page.

“Lots of donations of equipment was offered and we started a litter pick with around 30 to 40 people of all ages. We’ve had about £60 donated so far and on the back of that a man with his own company said he wanted to donate bags and things to help too.

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“It is lovely to see people wanting to do something for their community.”

Three litter picks have already taken place, with one planned for once a month on a Saturday for an hour or two.

The next one will be on April 21.

But Lucy says it’s not all about the cleanig, as the social aspect has encouraged people to make new friends.

She added: “It’s a great way for people to meet and get out and about and have a nice walk around the town. The community can gather and have a chat and make friends.

“I’ve even had calls from people saying they want their teenagers to get involved.

“The younger we can get people to start caring about their community the better. It’s lovely to see so many out and about.”

To find out more about Love Where You Live Soham visit the Facebook page or donate to the initiative at