Soham family face agonising choice over Egypt trip

Lloyd Thompson, from Soham, with his partner and three-year-old son

Lloyd Thompson, from Soham, with his partner and three-year-old son - Credit: Archant

RECENT turmoil in the Middle East has left one Soham family facing an agonising choice.

Lloyd Thompson and Zaneta Rozbicka are due to fly to Egypt with their three-year-old son Liam at the start of September but a swathe of recent protests and multiple killings across the country has left them wary of travelling.

With only a few weeks left before they travel, however, the couple have been told that, if they cancel, they won’t get a penny back of the £3,000 they spent booking the holiday.

Their travel agents, Thomson, has told the couple, who live in The Butts, that they will only get their money back if the Government advises against British citizens from travelling to the Red Sea resort of Sharm el Sheikh.

At the time of publication, the Foreign Office said travel within the Red Sea resorts was safe, though all but essential travel to other parts of Egypt was discouraged.

The French and German governments’ meanwhile, have both warned their citizens’ against travel to Sharm el Sheikh, something which has left Mr Thompson, 37, frustrated.

He said: “Germany and France have stopped all flights to the holiday resorts yet the British continue to send people.

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“I think it is wrong, it doesn’t make any sense and adds to the nervousness of the situation. People should have an option available to them that isn’t going to cost them a fortune.

“Looking on the internet people generally say that Sharm el Sheikh is very isolated to the rest of Egypt, no sign of any trouble and safe. However, who knows what could happen and can I afford to take this risk with a three-year-old son?

“There are reports of the Navy being positioned in the area in case they need to evacuate holiday makers, yet the government still allow people to go. I just think people who are facing a similar situation need to be made aware.

“If anyone is thinking of booking to go to Egypt at the moment, it’s a no brainer, don’t do it.”