Soham couple desperate for return of stolen wedding gifts

A NEWLYWED couple in Soham have been left devastated after one of their wedding rings was stolen in a raid on their home.

Liz and Mark Timperley- Preece were out at work on November 24 when thieves raided their home in Aspen Way, taking hundreds of pounds in cash, bank cards, games consoles, a computer and, most heart-breaking of all, Mark’s wedding ring.

Being a heating engineer, Mark often has his hands in boilers and takes off his ring to avoid damaging or scuffing it.

The couple were married in Newmarket last month and the ring, a palladium wedding band, along with a black and red Citizen watch were gifts from Mark’s wife Liz, who said they have been left devastated.

Liz, who has also been in and out of hospital over the last two years battling Crohn’s Disease, said: “The theft of the ring and the watch were the most upsetting thing about the whole incident. We were only married in October and even if we buy the things again they will never be the same. It’s devastating.

“We are just hoping that someone involved will feel bad or someone who has been offered these items will have their conscious pricked. We have had a difficult few years and it would mean a lot to us to have these items returned somehow.”

The ring is a plain silver band made of palladium while the watch is red and black Citizen brand with a distinct Red Arrows design.

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The theft occurred sometime between 2.45-8.30pm on November 24. Anyone with information should contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.