Six top tips to stay safe in the heatwave

Take care in the heatwave

Take care in the heatwave - Credit: Archant

An Ely care home has issued some tips to help keep its residents safe in the heatwave.

Tony Pillow, Vera James House manager, said: “It can be a difficult time during hot weather, but keeping residents safe and healthy is our top priority.

“Many of our residents and family members want to go out and enjoy the weather and we’ve successfully taken steps to avoid risks such as sunburn and heat exhaustion, with the support of our dedicated staff.”


1) Dig out some lighter clothes – although older people sometimes feel more comfortable being covered up, suggesting lighter, looser clothing will help to keep their temperature down.

2) Keep the air cool - using fans and air conditioning will also lower the temperature in rooms and homes.

3) Ice cream – it’s a great treat and can help keep calories up if people lose their appetite in the heat.

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4) Keep the curtains closed – this can help to prevent the heat radiating throughout the rooms.

5) Parasols in gardens – older people should still be able to enjoy the garden in this weather but this means they can safely enjoy the weather without risking sunburn or heat exhaustion.

6) Drink more - As well as refreshingly cold drinks, people should continue drinking tea. It helps reduce body temperature whilst maintaining hydration.