Sir Jim hails Prickwillow broadband breakthrough

Sir Jim Paice

Sir Jim Paice - Credit: Archant

SOUTH East Cambridgeshire MP Sir Jim Paice has welcomed news that the village of Prickwillow is set to change from an broadband internet “not spot” into a superfast hub in little more than a year.

According to the Prickwillow Broadband Campaign, the village is one of only four villages in mainland Britain to be without any sort of broadband provision from BT or any other major provider, though villagers do have a wired service available from 4SG Telecom, a company based within the parish.

This week, a timetable showing when and where superfast broadband will be available across Cambridgeshire was published and Prickwillow is slated for completion sometime between September and December next year.

Sir Jim said: “It has been a long running sore that many people in Prickwillow have not been able to access broadband. It is what is known as a ‘not spot’. Thank goodness that this will end in a year’s time when the county council scheme will bring Prickwillow into the 21st century.”

The new ‘my area’ pages on the Connecting Cambridgeshire website at show an A-Z list of 267 areas across the county.

They are designed to help residents and businesses see broad timetables for how their area or parish fits in to multiple phases of the broadband roll-out plan and will be updated as the programme progresses.

Each area has its own page, offering bespoke local information about the broadband roll-out.