Shoplifter put a stolen razor on charge at his home

A STOLEN electric razor was found on charge in a prolific shoplifter’s home shortly after it was stolen from an Ely city centre store.

Dale Maddison had set off the alarm as he walked out of the Boots store with the stolen item - and he handed over the �43.33 razor to police when they visited his property.

The day after his arrest, Maddison was abusive when a shopkeeper accused him of stealing sweets, his unprovoked outburst and had shop staff upset, Ely magistrates were told.

Appearing in court on Thursday, 44-year-old Maddison, of Deacons Lane, Ely, admitted theft and using threatening or disorderly behaviour. He also admitted that the offences put him in breach of a conditional charge he was given for handling stolen property last month.

“He has a long history of shoplifting from local shops,” said prosecutor Laura Mardell. She said police went in search of Maddison on November 14 after being told that the razor had been stolen; he was found walking across a playing field, and admitted theft.

He was challenged by staff who thought he had stolen sweets from the Spar shop in Ely the following day, and he became aggressive and swore.

Maddison was fined a total of �300, and ordered to pay �43.33 compensation, a �15 surcharge and �85 costs.

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Mitigating, solicitor Christina Metcalfe said: “He wants me to make it plain that he did not steal any sweets, and was upset at being confronted.

“He has an extensive record, and suffers from quite serious mental health problems. He suffers from a personality disorder, anxiety and depression.”

An application to impose an anti-social behaviour order on Maddison is due to be contested, a hearing date will be set at Ely courthouse on December 23.