Shoplifter falls at Tesco exit, smashing his haul of stolen gin

March Tesco

A shoplifter fleeing March Tesco fell at the exit and smashed all the bottles of spirits he was trying to steal. - Credit: Google Maps

A shoplifter fleeing a March supermarket fell at the exit - smashing bottles of spirits he had just stolen.    

Police were called to the incident on Monday afternoon at the Tesco store in Hostmoor Avenue, March.  

A Cambridgeshire Police spokesperson said no arrests have yet been made.

He said: “It was reported the man stole five bottles of spirits at about 2pm and then returned at about 4.30pm and attempted to steal six more.   

“He was challenged by staff and ran out of the shop with the bottles." 

Tesco said there was “a minor incident” at the March store and CCTV footage has been shared with police.  

Anyone with details should contact police quoting 35/45398/21. 

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Several customers saw the incident – some even seeing the funny side of it.

One told a community Facebook page she was still “laughing at the man who tried to shoplift at Tesco”. 

She saw him running out of the store with the stolen spirits before he fell and “smashed all the drink he stole".

"That’s Karma at its finest,” she said. 

Another said: “The trail of gin from his bag went all the way up Thorby Avenue.”  

And a third customer said: “I saw it. I laughed all the way home”. 

Another customer says she understood the store’s security officer, who ran after the suspect, took the number plate of the a ‘getaway’ vehicle.