Shop remains open to ‘protect our charity from permanent closure’ amid coronavirus pandemic

Viva Charity Shop in Soham is remaining open despite the coronavirus outbreak to avoid permanent clo

Viva Charity Shop in Soham is remaining open despite the coronavirus outbreak to avoid permanent closure. Picture: Google Maps - Credit: Google Maps

A Cambridgeshire charity shop aims to stay open despite the coronavirus outbreak in a bid to keep it from permanent closure.

Advice from the government is to keep your distance from other people amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but Viva Charity Shop is Soham say business is as usual.

Peter Lawrence, manager, said: “The safety of our customers and staff are paramount at all times.

“Until the Government advise otherwise, we are making every effort to continue to trade to protect our charity from permanent closure.”

Mr Lawrence says his shop follows all the latest guidelines issued by the Charity Retail Association and that they have put extra precautions in place to safeguard everyone.

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He added: “Anyone who volunteers or works for us who is considered at risk has been given the opportunity to stop coming to the shop until it is deemed safe to do so again.

“We continue to follow Government advice and monitor the situation carefully.

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“We are all responsible for our own health and safety, but we can assure you that our customers, volunteers and staff are our top priority while working through these difficult times.

“We do need your support more than ever so, if you can and it is safe for you to do so please do support the shop.”

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