‘Shaving my hair and waxing my legs. Why? Why Not?’ says Ely man Anthony as he prepares to help both The Little Princess Trust and East Anglia’s Children’s Hospice

Anthony Sigrist

Anthony Sigrist - Credit: Archant

After making the bald decision that his hair could be put to much better use – like being made into wigs for children who are supported by The Little Princess Trust - Anthony Sigrist will have his head shaved this weekend to raise money for East Anglia’s Children’s Hospice.

So far he has raised £335 of his £500 target.

“I’ve had long hair for five years so it’s quite a big deal for me,” he said of the upcoming shave.

“Growing up in the 80’s, I had long hankered after a long hairstyle but unfortunately parental objection followed by an early and long career in the police from age 18 put an end to my hopes.

“As a result, in spite of being old enough to know better, I grew my hair five years ago as soon as I left the police to live out my unfulfilled 80’s ambitions and have stoically refused to cut it ever since - despite objection from my long suffering wife.”

That was the story, until a few months ago, when Anthony was inspired to shave his long locks off to help others.

“One of my patients lost their hair as a result of chemotherapy and it inspired me to consider things in a different light.

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I realised that whilst I love having long hair, it’s a vanity that could in fact be put to much better use,” he added.

“I figured that other people’s needs are greater than my own.”

Anthony will be having his hair shaved off at the Ely Complementary Health Centre where he works as an acupuncturist.

His hair will then be sent off to The Little Princess Trust, a charity which makes hair pieces for children.

Money raised from the shave will go to East Anglia’s Children’s Hospice, a charity he resonates with as a father of five.

Additionally, he says to make the gesture less of a “new hairstyle” and more of a challenge, Anthony will have his legs waxed by local business Evolution Boutique on the same day.

“It is my hope that by adding a bit of humiliation and pain to the cause I will capture the hearts and cash of people who think I’m long overdue a haircut anyway.

“As a bloke I felt the need to make a slightly bigger sacrifice … and I knew that a lot of my friends would pay to see me suffer.”

To show your support to Anthony, visit www.justgiving.com/Anthony-Sigrist