Serviceman who fought in Korean War to receive medals more than 60 years on

Ely Beet Club

Ely Beet Club - Credit: Archant

Veterans who served in the Korean War will receive a medal from the Korean government to honour their contribution at a special ceremony held in Ely today (Thursday).

To mark their service in the conflict, which took place from 1950-53, 15 servicemen from the Ely and District Branch of the Korean Veterans Association will be awarded the Peace Medal.

The group of 15 former soldiers, sailors and airmen will be among the last to receive the medal as the national association is winding down.

The ceremony is taking place at the Beet Club, in Lynn Road, with medals handed out by president of the Ely and District branch, Godfrey Tetley.

Most of the 60-strong association received the medal after returning to Korea to visit but the 15 men who have been too ill to make the journey will have theirs awarded on Thursday.

Doreen Stevens is secretary of the Ely and District branch and her husband Bert served with the Royal Norfolk regiment in the conflict.

She said: “The medals were sent to us from the Korean embassy and they are beautiful. We are looking forward to handing them out.”

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Any veterans of the Korean War are invited to join the association if they are not already members. Contact Mrs Stevens on 01954 267382.