Chilled out seal photographed relaxing on Cambs riverbank

Seal at Sutton Gault

A seal relaxing in the sun at Sutton Gault. - Credit: Elliot Warren

Most of us have been out and about enjoying the sunshine recently, including this seal who was spotted chilling on a riverbank.

Elliot Warren, from Sutton, said he was surprised when he came across the sunbathing seal on a walk during the sunny spell of weather.

Seal at New Bedford Riverbank

Elliot Warren, who came across the seal, said it seemed fit and healthy. - Credit: Elliot Warren

He said: “When I first spotted the seal, I was concerned initially it was hurt.

“I didn’t get too close – but it seemed completely fine and healthy. In fact, it wasn’t interested in me being stood there at all.

“It didn't have any major gashes or scratches and was simply sunbathing on the riverbank, enjoying the warm weather.”

Seal chilling on New Bedford riverbank

The seal was spotted on the New Bedford riverbank earlier this month. - Credit: Elliot Warren

The seal was spotted on the New Bedford riverbank at Sutton Gault earlier this month on June 5.

Elliot added: “I’ve seen seals in the rivers around here before, but I haven’t seen one that close for a good few years on the riverbank.

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“The wildlife we're lucky enough to have around us here is amazing."

Seal sunbathing on New Bedford riverbank

Like many of us have recently, the seal was simply enjoying the warm weather. - Credit: Elliot Warren