Save free trade urges boss of G’s in Barway Drove, after Britain voted to leave the EU

MEP Vicky Ford at G's

MEP Vicky Ford at G's - Credit: Archant

An agricultural company boss is fearful that the country is on the ‘cusp of losing access to the world’s richest market’ after Britain voted to leave Europe.

John Shropshire, chairman of Barway-based G’s Fresh, said his firm had a bright history in Europe and called for the country to remain a free trading member of the single market.

Their crop range includes salad, celery, radish, onions, beetroot, mushrooms and leeks and they have production sites in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Kent, West Sussex, Dorset, West Midlands and the Murcia region of southern Spain.

In a letter to The Times Mr Shropshire wrote: “As the leader of a company with a bright history in Europe, I am disappointed by the referendum result.

“G’s Fresh is an equally European and British business, and its success is testament to the environment fostered by the European single market.

“We are on the cusp of losing access to the world’s richest market. In the interests of economic stability, Britain must remain a free-trading member of the single market.

“We employ 5,000 people and produce ten million units of fresh produce a week for British consumers.

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“With farms across the continent, our operations require the free movement of goods, capital and labour to provide British consumers with the best value produce.”

He continued: “It would be reckless for Britain to throw away these long-achieved gains.

“The anti-EU Conservative right must not forget that the single market was built by Margaret Thatcher and has been essential to British and European prosperity.

“We regret that the campaigns neglected to dwell on the opportunities provided to British businesses by the single market.”

Mr Shropshire said that the dominance of corporations with factories across Asia and South America has overshadowed the British businesses that have invested in the single market.

G’s Growers is an independent producer organisation comprising more than 20 grower members in the UK and Spain.

By working together members share expertise, experience and knowledge to take advantage of economies of scale for efficient supply and year-round availability of produce for customers across the UK, Europe and North America.