Sainsbury’s lodge appeal to have fuel deliveries at any time of day or night after East Cambs Council refusal

Sainsbury's Ely store - the company is appealing against the refusal by planners to allow them to de

Sainsbury's Ely store - the company is appealing against the refusal by planners to allow them to deliver fuel as and when required. - Credit: Archant

-A row over the noise caused by petrol tanker deliveries to Sainsbury’s in Ely has led the supermarket to lodge an appeal against the district council’s refusal to allow them to deliver at any time.

When the supermarket chain opened their three pump filling station in Lisle Lane last year they accepted a condition that deliveries could only be made between 7am and 11pm Monday-Saturday and from 10pm to 5pm on Sundays.

Sainsbury’s want the restriction removed so that they can make deliveries “as and when required”.

The company told East Cambs Council: “The reason the condition was implemented is in the interests of the amenities of the occupiers of nearby properties.”

But the store says when they commissioned a noise assessment report it showed the worst case scenario “will be below background noise levels during daytime and night-time periods. Therefore the extension of the delivery hours will not have an adverse impact on health or quality of life”.

Sainsbury’s argued that removing the restriction would give them more flexibility, reduce risk of congestion, and would not have an “unacceptable detrimental impact” on amenity due to noise.

In refusing the application, East Cambs Council disputed some of Sainsbury’s noise level assessments and the modelling methods used. “It is possible that night time deliveries would be infrequent, however with other activities occurring in the area the cumulative impact is of concern,” concluded a council environmental health officer.

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They also pointed out the council continued to receive complaints about deliveries during the night to the store itself.

The council said that “it is clear that in practice the Sainsbury’s site has and continues top result in a number of complaints from local residents in relation to noise from deliveries. These are primarily due to the superstore itself which is further from the residential properties most significantly impacted by the petrol station”.

An appeal now lodged with the Planning Inspectorate is being dealt with through written representations. A decision is expected shortly.