Mini revolution to make life safer for walking and cycling in a post Covid-19 new era in Ely and East Cambridgeshire

Plans for Forehill: One way cycle path up the hill with barriers, no parking either side, allows fo

Plans for Forehill: One way cycle path up the hill with barriers, no parking either side, allows for more movement for cycling and pedestrians. Picture: :ARCHIVE - Credit: Archant

Temporary cycle and pedestrian-friendly measures are coming to Ely, Soham and other parts of East Cambridgeshire.

County councillors will be asked to delegate powers to implement potential changes to the road network when the highways and transport committee meets on June 16.

A significant countywide proposal would see all 207 primaries and 33 secondary schools offered temporary road closures in their vicinity around opening and closing times.

Once approved the council will begin implementation quickly, as the first tranche of government funding – £420,000 for the county council area – “requires that delivery of measures should be completed within eight weeks from receipt of funding”.

The changes are part of a government initiative to respond to the pandemic by encouraging social distancing and bringing about a longer-term shift to more walking and cycling.

The changes are also a response to the anticipated reduction in public transport usage.


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Forehill, Ely: One way cycle path up the hill with barriers, no parking either side, allows for more movement for cycling and pedestrians

Brays Lane, Ely: One way at Forehill end, 2-way for cyclists from Forehill to entrance to Waitrose car park.

Station Road, Ely: Temporarily remove car parking on bays on the left-hand side going down the hill to extend cycle path and to include temporary barriers to extend cycle lane down Station Road

Back Hill, Ely: Widen pavements of Back Hill for commuters walking to the station while school children are walking the other way.

Ely Centre-Ely Station, Back Hill & Station Road: Advisory cycle lanes on both sides of the road, removal of carriageway centre line and some parking and making the area a 20mph zone.

Angel Drove / Station Rd junction to station: Widen existing shared-use path on Station Rd and extend into station access road and consider installing parallel crossing to station.

Continue cycle lane on north east side of Station Rd to the bridge and provide priority crossing and signalled crossing to station.

Ely centre to Ely North: Make short section of Minster Place 2-way for cyclists to path linking to Church Lane.

Make Silver St 20mph and consider traffic calming measures and marking cycle symbols.

Reverse one-way on Church Lane to provide alternative cycle route to Minster Place.

Undertake traffic review and consider changes at the Lynn Road / Minster Place junction.

Consider advisory cycle lanes and traffic calming measures on Lynn Rd and widen off-road shared path up to hospital. Improve roundabout crossing with more continental design.

Ely Centre to Ely West. Consider traffic calming measures and on-road advisory cycle lanes on West Fen Road: with removal of centre line.

Downham Road: Consider advisory cycle lanes and / or traffic calming measures.

Change layout of the Cam Drive / Downham Road roundabout to a more continental design to reduce speed and improve cycle crossings.

Ely Redrow / Kings Avenue to town centre and station Include reducing speed limit to 30mph

New Barns Lane Contra flow cycle lane at New Barns Road

Soham footpath between Brook Dam and Brook Street: Consider widening for more cycle space.

Sand Street / Fordham Road, Soham: Consider a continuous cycleway from Sand Street to Downfields.

Fountain Lane / Station Road cycle route from High Street to station

Make Clay Street one-way, providing more space for cyclists, which would also give more space on Fountain Lane and Station Road.

Continue traffic calming through High St and through to new station via Clay St. Sutton Ely Road: Investigate whether continuous pedestrian provision can be made on south side of Ely Road between Church Lane and Co-op at A142 roundabout.

Ely Road to link with new cycle path near Co-op.

Ely to Littleport to Lynn Road / Ely Road between Littleport and Ely: Speed reduction to 40mph. 2m cycle lane on each side of the road.

Burwell to Swaffham Prior: Widen shared use path to 3m where possible and install solar studs. Traffic calming measures through Burwell and Swaffham Prior.