Royal Anglian Regiment parade through Ely

THOUSANDS of well-wishers packed the streets of Ely on Wednesday for the welcome home parade of the Royal Anglian Regiment.


THOUSANDS of well-wishers packed the streets of Ely on Wednesday for the welcome home parade of the Royal Anglian Regiment.

People of all ages waved flags and applauded enthusiastically as the troops marched through the heart of the historic city centre and on into the cathedral for a civic reception hosted by the mayor.

The Anglians, known by their regimental nickname The Vikings, began their marched at the bottom of Fore Hill, passing hundreds of well-wishers desperate to catch a glimpse before they came to attention on the Market Square where they were presented for inspection before Mayor of Ely Brian Ashton, and the Lord Lieutenant, Hugh Duberly CBE.

Representatives from the Royal British Legion displayed their colours and the hundreds who lined the square applauded before the mayor and the Lord Lieutenant addressed the troops and the crowd.

Mayor Ashton said: “We are both honoured and delighted to see our county regiment today here in Ely today, we have been following your exploits with great interest. There is enormous respect for your efforts in all parts of the city and we are proud of the difficult and dangerous job that you do on our behalf.”

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After a thorough inspection, the troops, led by a military brass band fronted by Drum Major Steven Allen from Ely, continued their parade along High Street where they were met once more by rapturous applause and fervent flag waving from the hundreds of people from across the district who had gathered to pay tribute and say their thanks.

Irene Harris, from Ely, had made the journey in especially to see the parade, “I think it is very important that we all show our support for the troops, not just in Ely but as a whole nation so i made the trip in especially to watch the parade.”

Marching to the tune of the Royal Anglian regimental march, troops then made their way past a packed Gallery and in to the cathedral for their official welcoming and civic reception hosted by the mayor.

Peter Watkins from Witchford, was delighted the troops had chosen to parade through Ely, “I have heard that the troops have been doing a lot of parades this week and it is nice that we have been able to say our thanks in Ely.”

Heather Wilkes, from Ely, who was already lining up for the parade at 9.30am said: “I have been looking forward to the parade for the past few days. I know the troops signed up to fight for queen and country but I think what they have done for us has been fantastic.”