Row erupts over loan to teen

AN “angry row” erupted when a Good Samaritan was not compensated for her noble deed.

Mary McAllister, of Nene Road, Ely, felt she should have been reimbursed for the �20 she loaned to Jason Browning’s 15-year-old son when he was reportedly left home alone with no money.

But when Mr Browning refused to pay when they next met on June 3 this year, McAllister threw a china cup at his car in temper and damaged the rear tail light.

The defendant has now had to pay the victim �50 compensation for the incident outside her home.

The 46-year-old must also pay �40 court costs after pleading guilty to a single charge of criminal damage to property valued under �5,000.

The victim had sought �150 compensation for the damage.

“The son had come to knock on the door saying his parents were away and he had no money,” Mary Cleaver said in mitigation at Cambridge Magistrates’ Court on Monday (June 27).

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“She gave him �20 to fend for himself and went to speak to Mr Browning to see whether she could be repaid, as she thought it would be reasonable for someone to reimburse her.

“He wasn’t prepared to do that. A row developed and it was a very angry row, with a lot of name calling taking place.”

Ms Cleaver said Mr Browning got in his vehicle to drive away and reversed, reportedly nearly knocking her over.

She threw the cup in temper and did not intend to hit the car, Ms Cleaver said, but accepts she caused the damage.

“She was obviously angry with him when he came out,” prosecutor Delia Matthews said.

“He decided he would drive away and she picked up a mug she was drinking from and hit the light.”