COLUMN: Royal Wedding showed the country ‘a future without prejudice’

Rosemary Westwell

Rosemary Westwell - Credit: Archant

At last we have good news filling the headlines.

Usually, we are fed negative, depressing items that need addressing. But we, as individuals, can rarely fix them, so we are left with a feeling of anger and frustration.

Harry and Meghan’s wedding on Saturday was an amazing transformation and we were encouraged to appreciate this joyful occasion.

Contrast this with the fuss and noise of our politicians who often fill their talk with self-praise, promises and hidden agendas that do not always see the light of day.

On Saturday we saw for ourselves the smooth machinery of a large organisation that is central to the appeal of our country worldwide.

It wasn’t self-praise that tried to appeal to us; they just got on with the job.

Thousands of people who came to watch were quietly and calmly ‘controlled’ so that they could all watch proceedings without hindrance and were included in events as much as possible.

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The couple were not whizzed away as soon as the ceremony had finished. Tey sat in an open carriage, letting us see and appreciate them for ourselves.

The diplomacy witnessed in the service did much more than give a nod to Meghan’s American origins. It showed us the way to a more harmonious future: without prejudice.

The best of both cultures was included. Many of our ministers of the church could take note of the human warmth expressed in the sermon.

Many church representatives fail to realise that if they want us to support them, they need to come down from their ivory towers and talk to us as people with feelings.

For those who mutter that too much of our money is spent on our monarchy, there should be no complaint while our monarchy is only a figurehead, it is mostly advisory.

We are fortunate enough to have the best of both worlds - a family that we all know provide stability and a positive focal point of interest while the politicians that run our country seem to come and go at a whim.

If only the FA cup teams behaved in a similar, smooth, efficient manner. Why did so many players deliberately foul?

While there were some moments of good team work, the players in line passing from one to the other and supporting each other, often one could see a player dawdling with the ball, pausing, wasting time.

One side needed to get their glasses checked for after so much training they should have an instinctive awareness of where the goal posts are and kick the ball into the right place even without looking – but no.

It is time our footballers took heed and quietly and efficiently just got on with the job.