Role reversal as pupils get the chance to be teachers for the day at East Cambs school

ROLES between pupils and teachers have been reversed at Sutton Primary School as part of a whole school competition.

Classes have been competing in a weekly attendance competition titled Ascot Attendance and, as a prize for winning the race; Class 10 were given the chance to be teachers for the day.

Children had the opportunity to take on the different roles of the staff at the school, with jobs such as typing, answering the phones, taking the register, and blowing the whistle at the end of playtime being carried out.

The children in Class 10 also enjoyed juice and biscuits at break and were even given the chance to have their lunch in the staff room.

Deputy headteacher Jonny Wallace, said: “The competition was created by the School Council as a way to promote the importance of good attendance and to make the issue more prominent in children’s’ and parent’s minds in a fun and engaging way.”