Reverse street light switch off and put more cash into gritting pleads Cambridgeshire county councillor Daniel Divine

UKIP's Daniel Divine

UKIP's Daniel Divine - Credit: Archant

A Littleport county councillor wants better gritting of the county’s roads and reversal of the decision to switch off street lights.

Cllr Daniel Divine will make his plea for change at a full meeting of the county council on December 13.

In his motion he wants colleagues to acknowledge “that the gritting proposed is not adequate for the safety of Cambridgeshire residents.

“This council also believes that ensuring the roads remain open during periods of bad weather, particularly roads to local secondary schools, is crucial to ensuring the economic prosperity of the county.”

His motion asks the chief executive “to reinstate as many of the gritting routes from last year’s gritting plan as possible, using money from the council’s reserves to fund any shortfall above the budgeted cost, up to an additional £650,000”.

On street lights he says the decision to switch off lights in villages, towns and cities was wrong.

“Given the large number of concerns from residents, and especially those working shifts or unsociable hours, the decision should be reversed and the lights in residential areas should be kept on during the hours of darkness,” he says.

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“In order to make savings, street lighting in the rural roads outside villages, towns and cities in Cambridgeshire can be switched off in accordance with current policy.”

He wants the council to “reverse the decision made on February 16 to switch off and/or dim the street lights throughout Cambridgeshire and to fund any budget shortfall from the general reserve”,

He also hopes future budgets can be accommodated to pick up the extra costs.

Cllr Divine said: “I’m sure residents want me to back both motions. I’m in favour, are you?”