Residents urged to get serious about recycling after items including a toasted sandwich maker end up in wrong bins

Amey Cespa.

Amey Cespa. - Credit: Archant

Residents are being asked to think twice about which bin they put their recycling in after plastic bags, clothes and even a toasted sandwich maker have been found in the wheelie bins for food and garden waste.

To get the message across, a campaign is being launched to help people understand which wheelie bin items should go in and the consequences of using the wrong recycling bin.

By putting the incorrect items in a wheelie bin or not taking them to a recycling centre, some organic material which could have been turned into useful compost is being landfilled.

In an attempt to tackle the issue, two videos have been created which mix live footage and animated characters to show what happens once the material is picked up from residents’ homes and brought to the Amey Waste Management Park in Waterbeach.

One films show how, in just eight weeks, the compost is turned in to high quality compost that is thoroughly tested in order to produce a safe, nutrient-rich product for local farms and gardens.

The other film shows the state of the art machinery that is used to sort the dry recycling from blue bins in Cambridgeshire and why it is important to do our best to get recycling right.

The Composting Facility at Waterbeach takes food and garden waste from homes and transforms it to compost used by farmers and residents. The compost is available free of charge to residents.

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