Residents call for action as council insists negotiations are under way to adopt road

Kings Avenue, Ely RT (Photo: Clinton Edwards)

Kings Avenue, Ely RT (Photo: Clinton Edwards) - Credit: Archant

Cambridgeshire County Council insists that discussions are taking place with housing developers to see Kings Avenue formally adopted.

Kings Avenue, Ely.

Kings Avenue, Ely. - Credit: Archant

A spokesman for the authority said that although no agreement had yet been reached with Barratt Homes, discussions about bringing the road up to standard had begun.

The news comes as residents of the estate have again called for action to slow traffic in the wake of serious accident which saw a car end up on its roof last week.

The two-car crash took place at about 8.30pm on January 6 and required police and ambulance crews to attend after an Audi flipped on to its roof after colliding with another car.

The incident sparked a fresh wave of complaints from residents of the estate, who have told the Ely Standard that motorists float speed limits and that cars parked at the side of the road can obscure views narrow the carriageway.

But both the county council and Cambridgeshire police are limiting in what they can do to improve safety because the road has not yet been adopted.

Allan Drew said: “All residents have parking spaces. It’s a nightmare for the Ely bus too, that can never pull up on the bus stop, with mums with children and buggies have to board bus in the road.”

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Shaun Wasche said: “When they built Kings Avenue it was always going to be the through road to Queen Adelaide and that side of Ely. I sympathise a little about residents only having one space but as soon as one car stated parking on the road the herd followed.”

Roger Dale said: “Though I don’t feel ‘traffic calming devices’ is the answer. Perhaps widen the road or put in a car park for these residents? It’s only common sense.”

Christine Jones said: “The county council made this the main HGV route, they are responsible, not the police. What kind of council does this?

“My six-year-old nearly died in a collision with a lorry just up from there on Lynn Road. We have since moved away as all attempts to change our road being on an HGV route have failed.

“I don’t consider this a safe place to live any more, traffic violence in East Cambs ruins so many lives. I just hope no one has to die before the county council rethink this insane piece of traffic planning.”