LETTER: Our country ‘lags behind’ in coronavirus war - ‘always playing catch up’

Ely Standard reader Ray Crick says the coronavirus has sent the government's good fortune out the wi

Ely Standard reader Ray Crick says the coronavirus has sent the government's good fortune out the window. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is pictured. Picture: PA Video/PA Wire - Credit: Archant

I have said it before and I will say it again, in time of war the working classes stepped forward providing the much needed ‘boots on the ground’.

With COVID-19 the response is the same. There needs to be a leveling-up between the rich and the remainder of us.

Shop workers, delivery drivers, bin men, nurses and a whole host of others we just could not manage without are out there, virus or not.

There are community carers driving their own vehicles, making as many as eighteen calls a day, with no pay travelling between calls and with only a meagre fuel allowance.

I think our Tory government has been a tad lazy of late from top to bottom, relying on good fortune to get them through their day.

The coronavirus has sent that good fortune out of the window!

Boris must have found the pressure of office totally crushing, especially with the economic implications involved.

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The strain on him was clear to see as he made the daily briefings, and little wonder he succumbed to the virus himself.

The Torys are beyond belief refusing to join in with other European countries to jointly produce the much needed PPE equipment.

Our country lags behind with this equipment, always playing catch up.

Priti Patel, a government minister, said she is sorry that the public ‘THINK’ PPE is not being supplied to those needing it.

To those who may say the country could not afford a leveling-up process in these difficult times, I would say the government insists on pushing on with Brexit up to the December deadline and so has no fear of an adverse economic outcome.


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