Race night brings two-year-old Seb a little closer to fund-raising target

Seb Brokenshire-Dyke

Seb Brokenshire-Dyke - Credit: Archant

A charity race night held at the Royal British Legion in Fordham raised almost £3,200 to help fund a life changing operation for a two-year-old boy.

The race night was organised by James and Lorna Brokenshire-Dyke, parents of toddler Seb, together with James’s friend and work colleague Neil Stittle.

The event saw guests buy horses and bet on races via a pre-recorded video feed. James and Neil work together at the Environment Agency, in Ely, and the evening was well supported by Environment Agency staff as well as other family and friends.

Seb is two-year-old and has a twin brother Solomon. In May 2014, at just 15 months old, Seb was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and has difficulties with muscle control, balance and coordination.

His legs have a tendency to be stiff and go rigid in extension, particularly when he is tired or working hard. This makes simple things, such as crawling, cruising and even sitting, very difficult.

Seb’s family, from Snailwell, are raising £70,000 to pay for a procedure called selective dorsal rhizotomy, which will remove or reduce the spasticity in his legs so that he can move more freely.

The money raised will pay for the surgery, aftercare, a prolonged course of intensive physiotherapy and any specialist equipment he might need. Currently this procedure is not routinely funded on the NHS.

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Seb’s father, James said “We hoped to raise about £1,200 from the evening so to raise over £3,000 was staggering. We are overwhelmed by the generosity that has been shown to our son and would like to thank everyone who has supported him.

“The operation we have planned for him is not a cure, but it will transform his life. Not only will it allow him to enjoy his childhood more like his twin brother but it will free him from the pain caused by cerebral palsy spasticity”.

The campaign ‘Seb’s Legs’ was launched in October 2014 and Seb’s family and friends have been busy with fundraising events ever since. To date, they have raised more than £45,000 in total.

Seb has become a star through his facebook page www.facebook.com/sebslegs where he has 2,500 followers from around the world including 45 individual countries.

The family are fund-raising through Tree of Hope, a registered charity. All of Seb’s funds will be kept securely with them and all invoices for his surgery and treatment paid directly by them. Should they raise in excess of their target, or not need all the funds raised, any excess would go to other families supported by the charity.