Schoolchildren gifted new book ‘Wayside Flowers of Haddenham’

Pupils at Robert Arkenstall Primary School in Haddenham were gifted Wayside Flowers of Haddenham. 

Pupils at Robert Arkenstall Primary School in Haddenham were gifted Molly Dyson’s new wild flower book Wayside Flowers of Haddenham. - Credit: Mike Dyson 

In a bid support local schoolchildren’s environmental studies, pupils at an east Cambridgeshire primary school have been gifted a new wild flower book.  

Written by local author Molly Dyson and illustrated by Ann Biggs, Wayside Flowers of Haddenham was written in a bid to educate others.  

Ms Briggs said: “During recent months many of us have been walking our local footpaths and open spaces and seeing and enjoying new things in the natural world.  

“Wayside Flowers of Haddenham focuses on what is growing in and around the village. Each plant is illustrated by local professional illustrator, Ann Biggs.” 

The text is written by Ms Dyson, a long-time wild flower enthusiast who began her fascination with wild flowers as a child on walks with her grandmother. 

Children at Robert Arkenstall Primary School were given copies of the book to support their environmental studies.  

Haddenham Conservation Society has funded production of the book and copies, priced £3.50 can be obtained from Haddenham Arts centre.  

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Profits from the sale of the book will help further the work of the conservation society.