‘Protect town’s grazing herds’ - Council issues plea to dog owners

Qua Fen Common, in Soham

Qua Fen Common, in Soham - Credit: Archant

Soham Town Council says herds of animals grazing on the commons will be at risk of disease if dog owners fail to act responsibly.

The council says applications for grazing on Qua Fen Common, Angle Common and East Fen Common have been granted and herds of cows and horses will begin grazing from May 1.

But councillors have warned that the animals could easily become riddled with disease of dog owners don’t clean up after their pets.

Councillor George Ginn said: “While the town council are delighted that people continue to make good use for recreation, we are concerned that they are used responsibly.

“I am sure all dog owners are well aware of the need to keep their dogs on a lead near grazing animals to protect the dogs and ensure that the animals are not spooked.

“But it is also important to make sure they you clean up after your dog even on rough grassland where animals are grazing This is because even the best looked after dogs can carry diseases.”

Cllr Ginn said the parasite neospora caninum, found in dog faeces, could pass into a herd of cattle or horses, causing defects in new born animals or abortion. There is no vaccine or treatment available for the disease.

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Cllr Ginn added: “The town council are asking all dog owners who walk their dogs on our unique commons to be responsible and ensure that they clean up after their dogs as they would in other places so that the health of grazing animals can be protected.”