Professor Lord Robert Winston gives talk as part of King’s Ely science week

Professor Lord Robert Winston, right, with Ned Kittoe, head of science at King’s Ely Senior (left).

Professor Lord Robert Winston, right, with Ned Kittoe, head of science at King’s Ely Senior (left). Picture: KING'S ELY - Credit: Archant

British professor and television presenter Professor Lord Robert Winston visited King’s Ely as part of the school’s science week.

Lord Winston hosted the Osmond Lecture on March 15, an annual event started by the Old Eleans’ Club to commemorate the career of Leonard Osmond, who was a science teacher at King’s Ely from 1930 to 1972.

Lord Winston, who is also a medical doctor, scientist, television presenter and Labour peer, gave a talk titled ‘why bother with science?’

The lecture was concluded King’s Ely’s science week, which involved some of the school’s youngest pupils in King’s Ely Acremont through to students in the sixth form.

At King’s Ely Acremont, children learnt all about ‘reducing, recycling and reusing’, including upcycling old milk bottles into Elmer-inspired elephants and thinking about what issues dropping litter can cause.

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‘Zoe Zinc’ from Mad Science Cambridge also visited the young scientists for a day filled with chemical reaction fun workshops.

At King’s Ely Junior, pupils took part in heart and lung dissections, and investigated human-powered electricity and recycled art.

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Students also took part in a project called ‘waste of a week’, where they collected all of the non-edible dry classroom waste.

The bagged rubbish was placed in a compound close to the science block and throughout the week, students investigated it from biological, chemical and physical perspectives within their science lessons.

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