Ely offers a warm welcome to Prince Charles as he begins royal visit to the city - with visitors from far and wide there to greet him

Prince Charles visits Ely. Picture: HARRY RUTTER

Prince Charles visits Ely. Picture: HARRY RUTTER - Credit: Archant

Crowds gathered outside the Thomas Parsons almshouses to watch Prince Charles arrive in Ely.

The Prince arrived in a black Bentley and got out to greet the crowds before entering the almshouses.

Cllr Mike Rouse, the mayor, said: “It’s always a pleasure for Ely to welcome a royal visitor and it will be an honour to meet Prince Charles today and the Duchess of Cornwall.”

“It’s great to honour the work of Thomas Parsons charity which has been in Ely since the 15th century and has benefitted generations of people.

“It’s fantastic that we can show off our farmers market. It’s a great boost for our small city and we are proud of what we do in Ely. We hope we can show some of what we do to the royal visitors.”

The crowd remained when Prince Charles came back out to greet those who had come out to see him, before entering Poet’s House.

John and Lyn Winward had come from Cheshire to Ely.

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Mr Winward said: “We came down from Cheshire last night. It was just a great opportunity to see one of the royals. It is the first time we have seen Charles. It’s something to tell the grandkids about.”

Mrs Winward said: “I have seen the Queen and Meghan this year but it’s the first time I’ve seen Prince Charles. It was great to get so close and get lots of pictures to send everyone.”

Prince Charles interacted with the crowds and went over to meet Elizabeth Boning, who had her baby daughter Clementine with her.

She said: This is the first time I’ve seen Charles and it was just a really special moment.”

Clayton Smalling’s son served as the lord left lieutenant’s cadet and Mr Smalling said: “We have come out to support our son. It’s a very proud moment for us as parents and it’s a privilege for us to see his Royal Highness.

“It’s one of those things we can’t miss as parents. It doesn’t matter how far we have to travel.”