Prickwillow farm hoping to cut carbon with turbine plan

A FARMSTEAD in Prickwillow is hoping to do its bit for the environment by installing a new 20m tall wind turbine.

Toms Hole Farmhouse, in Branch Bank, hopes to save about four tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, equivalent to roughly 7,500 miles driven on the road, by introducing the turbine and has submitted the plans to East Cambridgeshire District Council.

In their submission to the council, the architects said: “The project will provide Toms Hole Farmhouse with a suitable method of generating a renewable, sustainable and efficient electrical energy supply using a single micro wind turbine.

“The turbine to be installed is economically viable, robust and quiet by design and extremely efficient.”

“The height of the tower has been selected to ensure that it is the required height to capture the wind energy on this site whilst keeping any impact to a minimum.”

Concerns about bird strike and nearby bat populations have also been addressed according to the developers, who say the turbine will sit more than 60m away from the nearest potential roosting sites.

A decision on the plans is expected within the next eight weeks. To have your say, or to view the plans, visit