Frozen potato rips ‘bizarrely large hole’ in woman’s car on A10

Lizzy Doe’s Fiat 500 was extensively damaged after a frozen potato fell of a lorry on the A10 between Ely and Waterbeach. 

Lizzy Doe’s Fiat 500 was extensively damaged after a frozen potato fell of a lorry on the A10 between Ely and Waterbeach. - Credit: Lizzy Doe 

A frozen potato which fell from a lorry on the A10 has caused extensive damage to a woman’s car – ripping a “bizarrely large hole” in the bumper.  

Lizzy Doe was driving along the main stretch of road between Ely and Waterbeach on Tuesday (January 5) when the incident happened.  

“We reckon because it was early morning and extremely cold, maybe it was sort of semi-frozen which made it more dangerous,” said the local illustrator.  

Ms Doe has dubbed the incident “the most Fen accident ever” and believes the “repair will cost loads” due to the wrecked bumper. 

She said: “It ripped a big hole in one panel, dented another, cracked the wheel arch AND broke the indicator light. 

“I hope it's fixable. It's not the end of the world but it's a lot worse than we expected when we stopped to have a look. 

“I thought there might have been a small dent at worst. It would be a good to encourage lorry drivers to cover their loads!”