Popular hearing dog Scampi dies after 14 years of tireless service

MUCH-loved hearing dog Scampi, well known in the Ely area, died this week after more than 14 years of tireless service.

Scampi was the fund-raising mascot for charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and gained national renown as the face of countless charity campaigns, magazine articles and newspaper stories.

He even made an appearance on Songs of Praise and was a regular on local television.

At the start of his working life, back in 1996, Scampi was given to Jean Lawrence and the pair lived in Soham, before moving to Ely a few years ago.

He accompanied Jean when she gave fundraising talks to local groups and already people have donated to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People as a tribute to his loyal service and contribution to fundraising.

He died on Monday, July 2, aged 17 years.

If you would also like to make a donation, please send it directly to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, The Grange, Wycombe Road, Saunderton, Princess Risborough, Bucks HP27 9NS and mention Scampi’s name.