Police warning after spate of tool thefts

POLICE are warning business owners across East Cambridgeshire to be vigilant after a recent spate of tool thefts from vans.

Officers said tools had become a particular target but opportunist thieves in recent weeks and warned residents who were likely to store tools in their vehicles overnight to review their security.

Said a spokesman: “Ideally locking your van in a garage would be the favourable option but we realise this is not always possible, therefore other security measures need to be adopted to make your van less appealing to thieves.

“Park in a well lit area where the natural surveillance is optimum, if you must store expensive equipment ensure it is out of view and fit window blanks – they block the view from the exterior.”

Officers also encouraged owners to mark and register their property using brightly coloured paint or engraving.

“Most thieves operate on a time basis, the longer it would take a thief to gain entry the better the chance they will not bother attempting and move on to a less secure vehicle.

Securing your vehicle with several deterrents will make you less likely to be deemed a soft target,” a spokesman added.