Helpful cops spring pleasant surprise thanks to resident

Police with Sutton resident missing wallet

Police came to the aid of a Sutton resident whose missing wallet was handed in by a member of the public. - Credit: Facebook/Policing East Cambridgeshire

It is perhaps not every day you lose a personal belonging and expect it to be returned. 

But, police officers in east Cambridgeshire were able to please one resident by doing just that. 

They were approached by a member of the public who found the wallet in Sutton on Tuesday, March 22. 

Writing on their Facebook page, Policing East Cambridgeshire said: “A wallet was found by a member of the public, who then handed it to a local police officer. 

“With a little bit of work, we were able to identify the owner and returned the wallet and its contents to him.” 

It is unclear how long the wallet was missing for. 

But without intervention from a member of the public, the resident may well have been left out of pocket. 

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The police spokesperson added: “Police will only accept found items from members of the public, if there is a realistic chance of returning the item to its owner.”