Police shut down Ely drug house

A SECOND house in Ely police believed was being used as a drugs den was shut down by court order this week.

The house, on Brooke Grove, in the west of the city, was served with a closure notice by officers last week, banning the occupants from having visitors to the property.

And, on Monday, magistrates in Cambridge granted officers and housing officials the power to evict the tenants, shutting down their operation.

The news comes following a similar order made by officers in May, in which a similar drug den in Ely’s Nene Road was raided and shut down after occupants continually ignored police warnings.

Speaking to Star Radio, Ely Inspector Robin Sissons, said: “The message is to the occupants, if you drug deal, you will lose the most precious thing to you, which is your house, the roof over your head.

“It doesn’t matter if you have kids or anything like that, if you deal drugs then there is a chance that you may lose your house.”

The inspector said police would continue to act on suspicions from the public and urged residents to keep in contact with police.

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“It’s a continuous thing that we are doing, we are always looking for opportunities.

“Residents do put up with the anti-social behaviour, it’s not very nice to have a drug dealer in your street and so if you do come to the police then we can do something positive about it.”

Police said they had already carried out two previous drugs warrants at the address, so teamed up with the landlord, Cambridge-based Hundred Houses Society, to build a case for a closure order.

It is now an offence for anyone to enter the property for three months, giving Hundred Houses Society the opportunity to secure possession of the property.

East Cambs anti social behaviour co-ordinator Brian Tully said: “Despite the previous raids on the property, drug-related activity – including people calling at the property at all times of the day and night - continued, much to the distress of law-abiding and respectable neighbours.

“We decided to pursue a closure order because of the continued anti-social behaviour people living in the street had to endure over a long period of time.”

Hundred Houses Society manager Chris Bull said: “Working with police has provided an effective way to stop drug use at this property.

“To protect our customers, illegal activity will not be tolerated and drug users face losing their homes.”

John Yates, Ely Neighbourhood Panel chairman, added: “Drugs activity has been a key priority for the panel process for the last 12 months.

“The eradication of a focal point for drugs activity is a major step in safeguarding our community.”