Police recover second body from lake in Wicken

POLICE confirmed on Monday evening that a second body had been recovered from a lake where two brothers had gone missing on Sunday.

Dive teams from Spartan Search and Rescue found the body of 17-year-old Luke Yardy at about 5pm, about 24 hours after the teams discovered the body of his half-brother Ashley Yardy, 22.

The duo had been rowing at the Kingfishers Bridge Project, near Wicken, at about 8am on Sunday when Luke fell into the water as he was trying to help injured birds in his role as a trainee gamekeeper.

When he saw his brother was in difficulty Ashley, who has a baby son, dived in to help him but also began to struggle amid the dense mud and reeds of the lake.

Luke’s father Andrew Fountain, immediately contacted the emergency services but rescue teams and divers were unable to save the duo.

A memorial page on the social networking site Facebook has already attracted hundreds of tributes for the two brothers, who were from Stretham.

Dave Yardy, Ashley’s father, said: “They were very close as brothers and spent a lot of time together.”

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Inspector Terry Furlong of Cambridgeshire police, said: “Investigations will continue into the circumstances of this tragedy.”