Police launch clamp down on litter louts at Ely's Paradise Centre

PUBLISHED: 10:32 07 June 2013

Some of the beers cans and drinks bottles strewn on the Paradise Fields

Some of the beers cans and drinks bottles strewn on the Paradise Fields


POLICE have stepped up patrols in a bid to deter people from dropping litter outside the Paradise Centre, in Ely.

Officers have teamed up with centre staff to ensure the fields around the centre, in Deacons Lane and New Barns Road, are patrolled – especially during sporting events.

A PCSO has been providing a presence over the past few weeks.

Sgt Will Davis said: “The fields are a popular spot for people to go on sunny days, but the amount of litter being left behind was becoming a bit of an issue.

“It’s sad because the fields are a great community facility. Hopefully, people will be encouraged to clear up after themselves so everyone can continue to enjoy using it.”

Jeremy Wakefield, manager of the centre, said: “The extra police presence on the field has been welcomed by Paradise Centre staff and customers alike.

“I can’t understand why anyone would leave glass bottles, cans or takeaway food packaging on the field when there are bins at every exit to the field and two on the field itself.

“Before any sport is played on the field every team has to spend 15 minutes making the playing surface safe.

“It is a private sports field run by the Paradise Centre Trust which tries to provide a facility for not just the members of the Paradise Centre to enjoy but also for the general public of Ely.

“It’s a shame that this resource is being tarnished by the selfish few.”

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