Police issue urgent warning to young drivers tempted to attend a ‘cruise’ in Ely tonight - STAY AT HOME

'Cruise' warning by police about event in Ely

'Cruise' warning by police about event in Ely - Credit: Archant

Police issued an urgent warning today to young drivers planning to attend a ‘cruise’ in Ely tonight to stay at home.

Duty Sergeant Dan Bramley said: “Our first priority is always the safety of the community.

“Without working with the organisers on an event of this nature we can’t reassure you that the gathering will be a safe one. As a consequence we can only advise people to stay at home.”

East Cambs Modified Season Opener for 2016 has been advertised for this evening at 7pm. It is likely to be taking place at St Thomas’ Place, Ely, and the Park and Ride Car Park off Bartholomew’s Walk.

This is a meeting for car enthusiasts - with modified vehicles including bikes, trucks and 4x4s.

A police spokesman said: “While we don’t want to create obstacles for any peaceful meetings of enthusiasts we have previously received reports of antisocial behaviour associated with car cruising - usually associated with manner of driving, noise pollution and occasional littering.

“We have made numerous attempts to contact the organiser of this event to encourage some measure of engagement between the event and the police to ensure safety - this hasn’t been reciprocated.

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“We don’t endorse this event, and we want people to be aware of that before they make any decision to attend.”

The spokesman said there were a number of local car shows that work closely with the police to ensure the safety of those in attendance and the broader community.

“We are more than happy to sign post people to these events if they are interested,” said the spokesman.

“We will be patrolling the events and officers are being briefed to take positive action against any offences that are committed - of a road traffic nature or otherwise.”

If you have any information to provide on car cruise events please have asked to call them on 101.

If you would like to provide information anonymously, you can call CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111.

On the Facebook page of the event organisers it says: “Bikes, cars, Trucks, 4x4s if its got wheels we want it... The more variety the better!!!

“Sticker stall and burger van will be attending.”

The post adds: “First location: The usual rules apply purely static no messing about this includes such things as wheel spinning, drifting, racing etc

“Second location & third location will be held and postcodes will be posted on the night for all you guys that want to have some fun.

“Don’t forget to share and tell your friends!”