Police hunt ‘men in black’ who ram raided Whittlesey service station but left behind the ATM machine they tried to steal

Ram Raid Delph Service Station Whittlesey (PHOTO: Rob Morris)

Ram Raid Delph Service Station Whittlesey (PHOTO: Rob Morris) - Credit: Archant

A police hunt is under way for four men – all dressed in black- who caused thousands of pounds worth of damage when they ram raided a service station.


At about 2.55am on Tuesday the men- using two trucks, a forklift and a JCB - targeted Delph Service Station, Whittlesey, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

But their target – the station’s ATM machine- was later found in the debris of the building.

A red car - possibly an Audi - was seen leaving in the direction of the Dog In A Doublet pub and Thorney, Cambridgeshire Police said.

Det Inspector Dave Murphy of Cambs Police said: “Obviously, they’ve used a lot of brute force with the JCB to smash through the wall.

“Several members of the public called us; I think the offenders were disturbed and they made off, leaving the JCB and the stolen vehicle here.”

He added: “Well, obviously, on occasions people do live in these sorts of places and sleep on the premises.

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“I’m guessing the criminals just wouldn’t have known that, they’d have taken pot luck and smashed through the wall, regardless of the consequences for anybody who might’ve been inside.”

The building has been badly damaged, fire attended to close the station down as not safe.”