Police chief issues warning to would-be thieves

EAST Cambridgeshire’s top policeman has warned motorists to double-check their cars at night after a recent spike in thefts from vehicles.

Ch Insp Russell Waterston said opportunist thieves had been clearing out phones, bags and sat navs from cars left unlocked and open overnight by residents.

Speaking to Star Radio this week he said: “What we are finding is that some people have been leaving their vehicles insecure in the evening and when they get up in the mornings they have found out that there property has been taken from the vehicle.

“What we think is happening is that we’ve got opportunists who walk along the street trying the doors of the cars and vans and if they are open they are going to take that opportunity to take anything they find.”

During July and August last year there were a total of 12 thefts from vehicles reported in Ely, 15 were reported between September and October and a leap to 29 occurred between November and December.

In January, hundreds of pounds worth of goods were stolen in a single night after thieves broke into a series of cars in the city.

Up to five vehicles were targeted by offenders in the Kings Avenue and Longchamp Drive area of the city on January 26 and into the early hours of the following morning. Two Sat Navs, mobile telephone equipment, sunglasses and a Blue Tooth kit were stolen by the thieves.

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In an effort to combat the recent increase, Ch Insp Waterston said simple measures would be key.

“The message that I have got for people is basically to lock up your cars at night, take your property indoors and try and put it somewhere it cannot be seen,” he said.

Insp Waterston also had a message for would-be car and metal thieves, “If they’re going to continue to live their life by committing crime and living off the proceeds of the crime, I personally will be looking to have those proceeds back off them,” he said.

“That includes their money, their house, their cars, everything I can get off them, I will.”