Police bid to stamp out bike theft

POLICE in Ely are urging cyclists to help ward off thieves by getting their bikes marked.

Officers and will be holding a free bike-marking event at Market Square, in Ely, between 4pm and 8pm on Thursday.

PCSO Daniel Stewart said: “By encouraging people to register their bikes on Immobilise we hope to stay ahead of the game and stop bike theft.

“Immobilise is simple to use and it only takes a couple of minutes to register your property.

“If a registered bike is stolen and then recovered, it is likely to be quickly reunited with its owner and police will have a better chance of prosecuting the thief.”

Information about online property registration database Immobilise will be handed out and advice will be given by members of Cambridgeshire County Council’s road safety team.

Registering property on the website allows police to quickly trace the owner if it is stolen and recovered.

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For more information visit www.immobilise.com