Police appeal after thieves steal charity box

HEARTLESS thieves stole a charity box placed outside a shop in Ely.

The box, shaped in the likeness of a dog and cat, was taken from its spot outside Mil Pets (Brands pet shop) on Market Street on Thursday (February 10).

The box was weighted down and stood about two feet tall and would have been difficult to move, police said.

East Cambridgeshire Sector Inspector, Robin Sissons, said: “Crimes like this make me mad. It is bad enough to steal from someone but to steal from a charity is sickening. It is obvious that this was a charity box and therefore there is no excuse. “I can not believe that no one has seen this happen. It must have taken some effort to carry this away. If anyone has any information regarding this crime then please contact me direct.

“I will take personal responsibility for ensuring this person is brought to justice. If you do not want to get involved then write a note of the person responsible and post it or ring Crimestoppers and the message will get to me.”

INFO: Anyone with information should contact police on 0345 456 4564.