Police ban youngsters for anti social behaviour at Ely leisure park - some residents fear problem may get worse

McDonalds is working with East Cambs Police to tackle anti social behaviour at the new Ely Lesiure p

McDonalds is working with East Cambs Police to tackle anti social behaviour at the new Ely Lesiure park complex - Credit: Archant

You ain’t seen nothing yet. That was the message sent to East Cambs Police after it was revealed youngsters had been banned from McDonalds for unacceptable behaviour.

Last week Ely police posted to their Facebook page that bad behaviour at the fast food outlet on the new leisure park would not be tolerated.

Police say there has been an increase in reports of antisocial behaviour in the area of the leisure park at Ely – and singled out McDonalds for a special mention.

Sergeant Ash Godfrey said: “We attended in response to a report on Sunday (Feb 4) evening and we have been able to identify a number of specific individuals who have been behaving unacceptable.

“These individuals will be banned from the restaurant and we will support the management team at McDonalds enforcing that.

“Additionally we are looking to the Public Order Act 1986 and where criminal offences have been disclosed, there will be robust consequences.

“The leisure park remains a safe and family friendly location in Ely and partner agencies including the police, the district council and local businesses are working together to ensure that it stays that way.

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“We are keen to reassure the community that a specific group of individuals have been identified in relation to a handful of recent issues and offenders will be held to account.

“The staff and management team at the outlet have responded responsibly, closing the restaurant early on one occasion to prevent any escalation of disorder - which has included foul and abusive language and the throwing of food.”

However police have been trawling through responses from residents who fear problems will escalate once a pub opens at the leisure park.

“Hardly the right location for one I think,” one resident told police.

Another wrote that the proposed pub – a family restaurant run by Greene King – could cause even more anti social behaviour issues.

“Hopefully, the community-minded majority who appreciate the value of having the leisure park on our doorstep will be able to stamp out incidences of antisocial behaviour of a minority, in conjunction with the police and other stakeholders,” she said.

One man was less kindly disposed towards those causing issues.

“It is always these scum bags out to cause problems,” he told police.

“We have just got this park and someone always has to mess it up with anti social behaviour and of course once that pub opens I can see it getting really bad.”