Police advise drivers to be mindful of potential hidden ice and frost on roads

Police warn drivers to be mindful of icy weather conditions

Police warn drivers to be mindful of icy weather conditions - Credit: Archant

Police have warned drivers to be mindful of weather conditions by sharing an image showing where ice and frost can remain hidden on roads.

The advice, which was posted on the Facebook page, Policing East Cambridgeshire, reads: “As this image shows, long after the early morning freeze seems to have passed, patches of ice and frost on the road will remain hidden in the shadows of trees, hedges, houses and buildings.

“We call these dangers ‘micro-climates’ because the low temperature is preserved even when the rest of the road returns to a standard condition.”

Sgt Phil Priestley said: “Even in the summer, driving on our rural roads is more challenging and more risky than the standard task of driving in towns and cities.

“In the winter, cold weather, prevailing ice and frost patches, and banks of fog add to the dangers.

“When you see long shadows cast across the road, please consider the possibility of ice and slow down a little to accommodate.

“It’s always a good idea to allow yourself a little more time for your journey before you set off.”