‘Please help me find out who shot dead my pet cat KitKat- and more importantly why’ says Barcham near Soham woman

KItKat the family pet shot dead in Barcham near Soham

KItKat the family pet shot dead in Barcham near Soham - Credit: Archant

A family’s pet cat has been shot dead in Barcham near Soham.

The owner of KitKat, teacher Emma Watson, has appealed for information about the incident and has already heard from past and current residents and another family who say they lost six cats in three years when they lived in the same area.

“I am devastated to lose a much loved pet in such a terrible way,” she said. “I want to do all I can to stop the perpetrator from doing this again to another of our cats or to someone else’s pet.”

She said the cat was shot on Wednesday. It’s body was found by her brother in law as he mowed the field at the back of her house.

He did not realise it was Emma’s cat but by the time he suspected the next morning the body had disappeared.

“Not only am I devastated to lose such a beautiful cat in such a horrific way but I am also concerned who may be shooting late at night.

“Someone has been targeting pet animals -we have already checked with the local gamekeeper, and it wasn’t him.

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“What’s more, as soon as we heard he had been found shot dead and went to retrieve his body, it had gone.

“Please, if you have similar experience of a cat being targeted locally, or if you know anything about this particular incident, please let me know.”

Emma can be contacted via the Ely Standard: please email john.elworthy@archant.co.uk and who will pass on information.