Planning decision on Mepal Motorpark deferred because a noise report was handed in too late

SPORTS promoter Andrew Villis has been accused by a council of doing nothing to tackle noise nuisance at a 20-acre motocross track near Mepal, where a rider died last month.

One local resident told Fenland District Council that events at the site were “like having a swarm of bees buzzing in our heads for very long periods”.

And the neighbour pleaded with the authority: “Please will you and your enforcement officers do everything you can to ensure that it ceases as soon as possible? Over the last three years the motor sports at Block Fen have been a living nightmare for us and our family.”

A report put before the council’s planning committee last week said Mr Villis has failed to produce a report on noise levels at Mepal Motopark, failed to identify those homes nearby most clearly affected and failed to document measures to counter the noise. They also accused him of failing to show how the site, formerly used for minerals extraction, will be restored and of failing to show how ecological issues will be handled.

Mr Villis, of Welney, is a director of Fenland Resources Management Ltd and a joint applicant with Hanson Quarry Products Ltd, which is trying to get planning consent to use the site for the next five years for motor cross and to allow touring caravans onto the site.

The planning decision was deferred after a noise report was handed in too late to be consdered.

The council says that Mr Villis has been running events at the track for the past three years, but can only operate for 14 days a year without planning permission.

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Mr Villis told the Ely Standard: “We are confident the noise report will satisfy the planning panel, without a shadow of a doubt.” He said the thousands of spectators that visited the site were helping to create regional prosperity.

“ At the last event, there were 40 bed and breakfast places booked, and 100 take aways ordered, that is just a sample of the money it brings into the area,” he said. “In the Fens there is not much dynamic potential for growth, our site is a good way to encourage people to spend their money in this area.”