‘Pie in the sky’ idea, Rock Vox Choir, now has over 40 members - but they’re always looking for more!

Rock Vox Choir in Ely (PHOTO: Mark Cooney)

Rock Vox Choir in Ely (PHOTO: Mark Cooney) - Credit: Archant

The Rock Vox Choir aren’t your average group.


Singing songs by everyone from Alice Cooper to My Chemical Romance to Stereophonics and even a little bit of Taylor Swift, they regularly attract crowds in their hundreds to their impromptu performances.

The group, which was put together by Clare Clay and now has over 40 members, has just celebrated its second anniversary.

Clare Clay, a part time music teacher, singer and musical director of Rock Vox Choir, said: “It started as a kind of ‘pie in the sky’ idea with my friend at a summer barbecue.

“It’s just got bigger and bigger over the last few years.”

Over the weekend the group sang to several hundred spectators at Jubilee Gardens, and earlier in the year they instigated a flashmob around Ely city centre.

She added: “The dream is for it to be my proper job. We’re quite different to the rock choir franchise. We sing anything from classic rock to new rock, sometimes a bit of Taylor Swift and we’ve tried classical.”

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The group practise every Sunday night in Soham and are always looking for new members.

“We’re holding a big taster session on Sunday at Prickwillow Village Hall and we’re opening a new choir in Cambridge next week.

“The capacity of the village hall is 120 so if we could fill it, it would be amazing!”

Anyone interested in joining the choir should visit: www.rockvoxchoir.co.uk

Rock Vox Choir will be performing again at Jubilee Gardens on Monday October 5 from 4pm.