Permission sought for new travelling showman’s yards

PLANS have been submitted that could see two new showman’s yards on land at Wilburton.

James Gilby and Raymond Pearson have applied for permission to use two acres of land in Whitecross Road as storage and accommodation for travelling showman, their equipment and families.

The land was originally purchased in 1997 and has seen problems with flytipping and unauthorised traveller camps.

In their submission, the applicants said: “This proposal will create residential and commercial provision for two families with strong local ties who currently occupy overcrowded accommodation.

“The location is ideal in that it will enable them to maintain family links whilst also being centrally located for the wider area in which they work.”

They added that the development would have little impact on the landscape or the visual amenity of the area.

A decision is expected within eight weeks. To have your say, or to view the plans, visit