Pensioner awarded compensation after fending off attacker

A 77-year-old who fought back against a violent street assault has been awarded compensation by a court.

Maurice ‘Mo’ Carter took on a man half his age when confronted in Ely’s Market Street, Cambridge Magistrates’ Court heard. Scott Morris had crossed the road while waiting for a bus to set upon the pensioner at a time when Mr Carter was suffering from heart problems.

But Mr Carter managed to off the 38-year-old by clawing and scratching at his face and body to take him to the ground. It was at this point that other people, including taxi drivers intervened to break up the scuffle. The victim punched Morris back and managed to restrain him on the ground,” prosecutor Paul Brown said.

Mr Carter was awarded �25 compensation after the defendant admitted assault by beating.

Magistrates heard that Morris, of Cottier Drive, Littleport, was “shaking with anger” at the time of the incident.

They ordered him not to speak to Mr Carter again because of “previous issues between them”.

Yet despite telling him to cross the road should their paths cross, they did not impose a Restraining Order after hearing it would potentially be too difficult for Morris, who has some learning difficulties, to understand.

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“It would have to be drafted in very simple terms and not be too onerous,” Nick Barnes said in mitigation.

Mr Carter suffered lacerations to the hands, chest and cheek as a result of the incident on November 19 last year.